About Me

I am Beverley Young (yes, I do go by Bev) and I am a wife and an entrepreneur. My husband and I are considered by many to be serial renovators and are currently renovating our entire home from top to bottom. I enjoy the process, making the selections that reflect who we are and what makes us feel at home and comfortable. And yes, we are living in the house while doing all of this. Being organized and a good cleaner helps.

I have worked in accounting for a long time and have come to understand how much I enjoy working with small business owners. I like being in their world, learning about it and figuring out how to translate that world into numbers in a useful way. I get so excited when I can provide information to them about their business that has meaning, and that they understand. I enjoy working with their clients to figure out how they need to receive information and how to make that happen easily. Everyone and every business needs something different and the thrill of figuring out how to provide that makes me so happy.

Beverley Young  Beverley Young