Successful small business owners often need help understanding or organizing their accounting department. Knowing that is what makes them stay successful!

If you’re having difficulty with efficiency in your business processes and you know you need someone to implement changes to your accounting systems and processes, someone who will work with you to understand your company and build solutions for you, then you’re in the right place.

That’s where I come in with my 26 years of experience of working in small businesses; from a welding shop, to an insurance restoration company, to a label printing company, to a vehicle fuel conversion manufacturer, to a mechanical and electrical engineering firm, to an oil and gas exploration firm, to an IT consulting company, and more.

I know that I have a gift which allows me to understand the overall workings of small businesses. I love working with owners to discover the unique challenges and requirements that exist within their businesses. I then evaluate, assess and implement processes that address these challenges and requirements. I also get excited when owners really understand what the numbers can tell them and how they can use that information to elevate their success.

In working with me you can expect: direct communication, attention to detail, accuracy, efficiency and execution. I also have an inherent ability to organize, prioritize, and manage time efficiently to accomplish multiple tasks. My areas of expertise are Controller, accounting and human resources.

You know how important it is to have a handle on your money so that you can continue to grow your business – no one wants their accounting “issues” to be the thing that inhibits their growth, after all – and I look forward to working with you to find the solutions you need so you can focus on growing a stronger business, today.

Beverley Young  Beverley Young